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Professional Wedding DJs

Creating your  Spectacular Wedding day with My Night Events wedding dj.

On your special day, love is in the air, and every moment is a symphony of joy. That's why your wedding entertainment should be nothing short of magical, and our enchanting wedding entertainment packages are here to ensure just that. With a passion for love and music, we tailor our services to suit your unique vision because we know that no two love stories are alike.

As a dedicated full-time entertainment business based in the heart of the UK, we bring years of expertise to craft the perfect ambiance for your celebration. Our professional Wedding DJs have over 25 years experience, not only in Weddings but also in Clubs,Festivals and Corporate events. We can bring this knowledge and talent to your event, making sure your special day is one to remember. Reliability is of course a primary concern of ours, guaranteeing your wedding day runs smoothly and efficiently is high on our itenery.

At the heart of your wedding festivities lies the disco, the DJ, and the entertainment—the soul of your celebration. That's why we're committed to delivering not just a service, but an unforgettable experience. With meticulous attention to detail, unwavering reliability, and a touch of expertise, we'll set the stage for your love story to shine. From the first dance to the final note, let us be the melody that makes your wedding day an unforgettable love song. Trust us to orchestrate the wedding of your dreams—one that sings with love, laughter, and lasting memories.


Wedding DJ Packages and Wedding DJ Hire Prices

Creating Spectacular Weddings with My Night Events

Silver Package

This is our cheapest option available but still excellent value for money. A great sound and light set up, ideal for smaller wedding events. If you're looking for highly experienced wedding DJs with professional sound systems and lighting but have a limited budget

  • 5 Hour Dj Performance
  • Club Spec Sound System
  • White Dj Booth
  • Colour Wash Lighting
  • 4 x Floor Standing Tube Lights


Gold Package

The Dj set up is often overlooked as being an important feature on your special day. Our Wedding DJ booths, truss stands and lights are all finished in a beautiful bright white, complimenting any wedding venue.

  • 5 Hour Dj Performance
  • Club Spec Sound System
  • Larger Dj Set up including 2 x Truss Stands
  • Intelligent Moving Head and Colour Wash Lighting
  • 4 x Floor Standing Tube lights
  • 4 ft Mr & Mrs LED light


Platinum Package

Create an unforgettable day & evening with our stunning white gloss set up. Definitely one for the gram! An amazing sound & light package complete with a choice of Decor and Equipment to wow your guests as you party the night away.

  • All Day Hire
  • Bride & Groom entrance song
  • Wedding Breakfast/Daytime Background Music
  • Radio Mics for Speeches
  • All Major and Minor Announcements
  • Daytime Dj Performance (if required)
  • Evening Dj Performance
  • Choice of Magic Mirror or 360 Booth
  • 4ft Mr & Mrs LED Letters
  • White Feather Wall with Happily Ever After neon sign
  • Sweet Cart (Dry Hire)
  • Enquire about exchanging equipment for other units


Hourly & Package Rates: Select from hourly rates for shorter events or take advantage of our discounted package rates for longer celebrations, ensuring you get the best value for your needs.


Choose Us For Your Professional Wedding DJ

Step into the rhythm of love with My Night Events, where every beat is a celebration of your journey together. We're not just Wedding DJs; we're your harmonious companions on the dance floor of life. With our curated playlists and seamless transitions, we'll serenade your love story with melodies that speak to the heart. Book with us, and let the music of your special day echo through time, creating memories that resonate with love and joy. Trust My Night Events to be the soundtrack of your forever, where every note is a promise of a beautiful beginning.

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Common Questions

Can we request specific songs for our wedding playlist?

Answer: Yes, we welcome song requests to personalize your wedding playlist.

What attire do your DJs typically wear for weddings?

Answer: Our DJs dress professionally and can accommodate your preferred dress code for the occasion.

Will you coordinate with other vendors, such as the venue and photographer?

Answer: Yes, we'll work closely with your other vendors to ensure seamless coordination on your wedding day.

How early do you arrive to set up before the reception starts?

Answer: We typically arrive 1-2 hours before the reception begins to set up our equipment and ensure everything is in place.

Do you offer lighting or other enhancements for the dance floor?

Answer: Yes, we offer lighting and other enhancements to create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding reception.

Are you available to travel to our wedding venue?

Answer: Yes, we're available to travel to your wedding venue, whether it's local or out of town.

Do you have experience with multicultural weddings or special cultural traditions?

Answer: Yes, we have experience with multicultural weddings and can accommodate special cultural traditions as needed.

Can we provide a do-not-play list for songs we don't want to hear?

Answer: Absolutely, we'll respect your preferences and can accommodate a do-not-play list for your wedding reception.

Do you offer any additional services, such as photo booths or special effects?

Answer: Yes, we offer additional services like photo booths and special effects to enhance your wedding celebration.

What is your policy on breaks during the reception?

Answer: We typically take short breaks as needed but ensure that music continues uninterrupted throughout the reception.

addons & extras

Make your night shine

Our array of extra services goes beyond the ordinary, offering everything from immersive 360 photo booths and captivating LED dance floors to elegant shimmer backdrop walls, among many others. Designed to enrich your event's atmosphere and provide unforgettable moments, these additions promise to make your gathering a truly unique and standout experience.


White LED Dance Floor

Explore our LED Dance Floors, equipped with the latest technology at great prices. Transform your event space into a dazzling spectacle, suitable for any theme or budget.


Magic Mirror

Discover the Magic Mirror, an innovative photo booth experience that adds fun and flair to any event. Capture memories with instant, customizable photos, making your celebration unforgettable.


LED Numbers

Brighten your celebration with our LED Numbers, perfect for highlighting special dates or milestones. These illuminated figures create a captivating backdrop, adding a glowing touch to any event.


360 Video Booth

Experience the excitement of our 360 Photo Booths, capturing every angle of your joyous moments in stunning, panoramic detail. Perfect for creating dynamic, shareable memories at any celebration.


Feather Wall

Add elegance to your event with our Feather Wall, a luxurious backdrop that brings a touch of sophistication and beauty, ideal for photo ops and enhancing any celebration's ambiance.


Shimmer Wall

Let's enhance your event's decor with our Shimmer Wall, a backdrop that catches the light beautifully, offering a stunning setting for unforgettable photos and adding a chic touch to any celebration.


Cherry Blossom Tree Arch

Bring a touch of natural elegance to your event with our Cherry Blossom displays. These beautiful arrangements create a serene and picturesque atmosphere, perfect for any setting that desires a floral accent.


Dancing on Clouds

Create a dreamlike atmosphere at your event with our "Dancing on Ice" floor smoke effect. This enchanting feature envelops the dance floor in a gentle mist, giving the illusion of dancing on clouds.

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