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LED Dance floors
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led dance floor hire

private parties, Corporate Events & Weddings

My Night Entertainment is a professional DJ and entertainment company. We're passionate about creating unforgettable experiences that are tailored to your unique needs and preferences. As wedding specialists, we take pride in delivering exceptional entertainment services that reflect your style and vision for your big day. But we're not just about weddings – we also provide top quality entertainment services for private parties and corporate events.



LED dance floors elevate events, transforming venues with vibrant colors and interactive patterns. Ideal for weddings to parties, they captivate guests, encouraging dancing and creating unforgettable experiences.



LED dance floors enhance events with interactive experiences, responding to dancers' movements and music rhythms. Programmable with visuals and messages, they entertain and engage guests, adding a unique element to any night.


Customization &
Theme Integrations

LED dance floors provide extensive customization, aligning with any event's theme from elegant weddings to lively parties. This adaptability enhances guests' experiences, making for compelling reasons to choose them.

led dance floor hire prices

hourly rate prices

Our LED dance floor pricing is tailored to meet the specific needs of your event, with rates based on the size of the floor and the duration of the hire. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, we offer flexible options to fit your space and budget:

4x4 Foot

Elevate your intimate gathering with 2 hours of unlimited LED dance floor use. Includes delivery, setup, maintenance, and breakdown. Perfect for enhancing private events and special birthdays


8x8 Foot

Suited for engaging medium-length events. Offers 3 hours of vibrant LED dance floor enjoyment, with comprehensive service including delivery, setup, maintenance, and breakdown. Ideal for memorable weddings.


12x12 Foot

Perfect for extended celebrations. This package provides 4 hours of dynamic LED floor use, plus comprehensive service including delivery, setup, maintenance, and breakdown. Excellent for larger weddings and events.


20x20 Foot

For the ultimate party experience, enjoy unlimited use of the LED dance floor for 5 or more hours. Includes delivery, setup, maintenance, breakdown, and exceptional service. Ideal for grand events and celebrations.


Hourly & Package Rates: Select from hourly rates for shorter events or take advantage of our discounted package rates for longer celebrations, ensuring you get the best value for your needs. Size Options: Choose the perfect size for your venue, from cozy setups for private parties to expansive floors for large events.

what you get

From delivery to breakdown


When you choose to hire LED numbers for your night, you're guaranteed a full package that includes delivery, installation, continuous maintenance during the hire, and subsequent dismantling and removal. This comprehensive approach ensures your LED numbers integrate seamlessly into your event, enhancing the atmosphere and making your celebration truly unforgettable, all without any hassle on your part.

Customisable Sizes

Delivery + Set-Up

Interactive Dance Modes

Slip-Resistant Surface

On-Site Technical Support

Durable Construction

and much more..

Customisable Sizes

On-Site Technical Support

Interactive Dance Modes

Wireless Control Options

Energy-Efficient LED

Safety Features

Slip-Resistant Surface

Delivery & Set-Up

Non-glare Surface

Overload Protection

Durable Construction

Emergency Stop Feature

Past Experiences

Our customer reviews speak volumes about the exceptional experiences provided by My Night Events and our LED dance floors. Cherished for turning celebrations into unforgettable moments, our commitment to excellence is evident in every glowing testimonial.


Why Book My Night Events?

At My Night Events, we specialize in transforming celebrations with our cutting-edge LED dance floors. Our dedication to creating unforgettable experiences shines through our dynamic, light-up floors, perfect for any event from weddings to birthdays. Trust us to bring unparalleled vibrancy and excitement to your special moments.

Common Questions

What is the best flooring for dance floors?

Vinyl flooring is an ideal choice for dance floors, providing friction for dancers and coming in a variety of textures and colours. It is an affordable and durable material, making it a popular choice.

What is a Harlequin floor?

A Harlequin floor is a heavy-duty vinyl dance floor, renowned by generations of dancers, which offers long-lasting durability and is perfect for stage flooring.

It is designed to provide a safe and comfortable surface for dancers, and is available in a variety of colors and finishes to suit any style. It is also easy to install and maintain, making it an ideal choice for any dance studio or performance space.

What are the different types of LED dance floors available for hire?

There are three types of LED dance floors available for hire - white, black, and customizable - to suit any event.

What are dance floor lights called?

Dance floor lights, also known as intelligent lights, are versatile professional robotic lights that can be used for various applications such as weddings, clubs, bars and concerts.

These lights can be programmed to move in different directions, change colors, and create various effects. They can be used to create a unique atmosphere and enhance the overall experience of any event. The lights can be controlled manually or with a computer.

What are LED dance floor lights?

LED dance floors are composed of hundreds of bulbs embedded into the top surface of an acrylic inlay, which require a power source between each panel for operation.

Each LED light can then be illuminated, creating a visually dynamic effect on the dance floor.

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